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Heart beat blood pounding
Through the temple
Behind the eyes
Vision of cumulus glowing
From within electric rhythm
Of thunder and stereo sound.
The hair stands on end
Every pore alive with static
Movement. Forbidden taste
Of sky and fire unquenchable
Thirst. Life river
Flow from stone like music
Dancing in colored awareness
Running with flaming wind
Drinking light
Breathing light
Course through labyrinth
Of imagined mind elusive
Poem flies from mind
Like scat from Ella
wail from Trane
Duke precision
Hot like blue steel
 street Stratocaster lick
Cut through the night
with Southern comfort and smoke
Dark as the devil bright
Halogen high beam on
The highway at 2 a.m.
One hundred twenty
Blind curve suicide
snake Charmer night rider.
Feel the bass, man, thumping
The brain with a ball-peen Hammer
spike to the vein
Heaven hell Neverland
Roller coaster out of control
Out of sight out of mind
Wrapping around a tree
In front of god
and all
Of the saints drunk on
Sacramental wine with the
Body of Christ
in the trunk of my car
Wrapped in stiff sheets
Of politics and religion
That obscure the truth
Find out what
It means to me-
Just ask me-
And I'll tell you.

1997 Kevin Crone