When the recollection of my face embrace and sound of voice has long since faded
And you find your world has filled with larger things
In the interest of cutting our losses, to save ourselves and each other
from the aching ritual of digging through those piles of paper people become
Know only this, that it was I who took your photo a lock of hair
and your best pen in its coat pockets when it left to dwell where you dare not look
To traverse the falling night beyond the ramparts of this city skyline we painted a thousand
watercolor hues
Once our canvas, I leave you a mona lisa
I move beyond the frame to track the mineral scent of rain
For Im cumulus and wait unbroken
A thunderhead rolling above ribbon of road unwinding my lexicon into wind
Weve bathed each other with caressing hands in pools of dreaming
Now in the wake of dawn we dive and slip from our opposite ends
Like slick silver fish back to sea
So if you should happen to wonder glancing skyward in some fair night
Im calling through the stars
and look like my voice
you will know me by sound

1997 Jade Evenstar

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