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Hey! We're Back! Whaddaya think about the new look? If you'll notice, the url has changed (more on that later), and there's a new email too. Things have been a little weird, but who knows, sometimes that's a good thing, right? Anyway, there are going to be some changes made. I'm sad to report that calliope has breathed her last. The site will remain "Breathe!" in her honor, but as for her, well, let's just say that she passed in true Eliot fashion (you know, "not with a bang..."). I'm going to try some different things, maybe explore some new avenues. The poetry will still be here, and I hope that some of you might want to send some in. What I mean by that is, we might give "Mouthwash" another try. We'll see how it goes. If it doesn't work out, well, you'll just have to deal with mine. Until then, follow the new links, explore the site, have a good time(you better go now, because i'm not stopping once we're on the road)!


Links: There's some new stuff here, and some old stuff has gone away. Hopefully, I'll add more as time goes on, but for now, here 'tis:


Kevin's Poetry Well, you know how it is, you grow attached to something, then it becomes inoperable...

How can you deconstruct... This was a project for a class. Please read the disclaimer.

Mouthwash The e-zine that just won't go away! I've changed the email address on the inside so if anyone sent stuff before and it came back to you, send it again.

An Incomplete History of Slam What it is, how it began, etc.

Slam News Service Everything that you need to know about Slammin' around the world

The INWARD VESSELS of The SPLEEN This place is truly a trip. Explore. You might learn something about yourself.

fUSION Anomaly I guarantee you'll get lost in here. It's okay. There is no wrong path. Ommm...

NORML Need I say more?

AMG The AllMusic guide. Awesome site for track lists and reviews.

50 FREE MP3s! You seriously need to check out this site!

Check back soon, since I know how to build one of these things now, I might just actually keep doing this.


Drop me a note, send me a poem, tell me this site sucks, just let me hear from you.


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Last Update: 19 June 2002