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Fear and Loathing in the House of the Insane Messiah

Repeat the words over and over in the mind until they are engrained into the place in the brain
where thoughts are made then see the power in the letters as the tongue wraps around the hills
and valleys and pinnacles and crevasses in their linkages and then spits them onto the floor to
be trampled on by the hobnailed boots of television.

The girl at the bar called my name a minute ago in the distant eternities of past lives and
imagined beckoning beseeching bemoaning fantasy of who i might have been yesterday and it
was all in my mind as i crunched a pretzel and thought of masturbation as an alternative lifestyle.

Baseball used to be a metaphor and cadillacs were chariots of the gods of corporate boot-licking
and life was a cereal box game played with pennies and old discarded buttons that collected lint
in the bottom of a smelly dresser drawer while we were b